Patrick Belford


1/2003 - Present Freelance
Multimedia Developer/3D Animator

Developed relationships with NASA and Topps top deliver stunning interactive web3D presentations.

Worked through Cycore North America with companies such as Nvidia, Sony and John Deere to develop interactive 3D Internet content.

Delivered streamlined solutions that integrated proprietary authoring software with other industry standard tools such as 3dsMax, Director and Dreamweaver.

8/2000 - 1/2003 Cycore North America Toronto, Ont
Creative Director

Directed a team of artists in the creation of web3D content for companies such as Sony, Disney, Motorola, HMV, RogersVideo, Nike and Bell Mobility.

Consulted with the software development team to increase the potential of the company's software through a firm understanding of the content creation process and current market trends.

4/2000 - 8/2002 ITTWorks Inc.Toronto, Ont
Creative Director

Lead a team of graphic artists in the creation of Real-Time 3D content for the internet.
Co-ordinated with the software team to develop authoring tools for online content.

8/1996 - 4/2000 Design Vision Inc. Toronto, Ont
Graphic Artist

Worked as part of a production team to create digital content for Print, Video, CD-ROM and the internet. Developed New Media projects for Canadian Tire, Sears, Gap, Eatons, Crayola, Guess and others..


1992-1995 University of Waterloo Waterloo, Ont

Bachelor of Environmental Studies in Pre-Professional Architecture.
Dean's List Honors.


Litterature, Film, Toys and Media Experimentation