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Solar System Browser

The Solar System Browser was designed to display the satellite data and imagery collected by NASA space missions in the context of an actual 3D mockup of the solar system. The browser has the ability to display planetary bodies as 3D geometry, as well as multiple levels of surface imagery mapped correctly onto those surfaces.

Explore our solar system in this interactive 3D application.

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K'nex Viewer

K'nex is a building toy made up of struts and connectors that can be snapped together to create a variety of interesting structures. K'nex Viewer is an online model browsing application that allows users to explore K'nex creations that have been documented digitally.

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The Curta Calculator

The Curta Calculator simulation is a 3D re-creation of the original portable mechanical calculator, invented by Curt Herzstark. Unlike modern electronic calculators, the Curta was entirely mechanical. It could add, subtract, multiply and divide, and unlike other calculators of the day, it could fit in your pocket.

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The Manson Family Photographs

All these projects revolve around a series of photographs taken while I was in university. I photographed everyone in my class (as well as the Dean and a number of professors) wearing the same red plaid hunting cap. Why I did this I can not say, except to mention that I have always made a habit of seeing my stupidest ideas through to conclusion.

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Laurentian Library - 3D Simulation

I undertook this simulation of Michelangelo's Laurentian Library after seeing a black and white photograph of the vestibule stairway. The ordered complexity of the spaces proved to be an ideal opportunity to flex my modelling muscles.

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Collage Rorschach Meditation Project

Take a journey into your own subconscious mind.

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Explore the planets of the known universe in this interactive 3D application.

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Ottawa River Cottage

An early architectural design project, fueled entirely by a love of ink drawing and sectional views.

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Collage Comix # 1 - High School

This is really terrible.

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Art Gone Wrong? Or something so right?

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