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Solar System Browser

The Solar System Browser was designed to display the satellite data and imagery collected by NASA space missions in the context of an actual 3D mockup of the solar system. The browser has the ability to display planetary bodies as 3D geometry, as well as multiple levels of surface imagery mapped correctly onto those surfaces.

Explore our solar system in this interactive 3D application.

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Planetfinder allows users to browse through the data base of star systems with known planets. The systems can be filtered based on a variety of criteria (solar mass, stars visible from earth, etc.). Users can even (and this is the cool part), zoom into a chosen system and view the planets as orbit the star.

Explore the planets of the known universe in this interactive 3D application.

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Laurentian Library - 3D Simulation

I undertook this simulation of Michelangelo's Laurentian Library after seeing a black and white photograph of the vestibule stairway. The ordered complexity of the spaces proved to be an ideal opportunity to flex my modelling muscles.

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