Reynolds Corliss Steam Engine -- By Mike Dennis


I noted some common factors in other articles on Corliss horizontal engines and was able to estimate the Flywheel, bore and stroke dimensions to approximately 1/6 scale - The Flywheel would have been theoretically larger but as this engine was built to suit Meccano parts a compromise had to be made so it is approximately 5' dia with a bore of 13-14" and a stroke of 27-28" which I subsequently discovered was reasonably close for a small sized Reynolds engine of the period. The model is finished in standard Mid Red Meccano parts where used. Painted parts are Monza Red and Pulsar Silver from the Rover range of Halfords Car paints after application of 2 coats of Halfords Grey primer. Other parts are BZP finish. (Bright Zinc plate) and natural brass.


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