Reynolds Corliss Steam Engine -- By Mike Dennis

Rear view

The flywheel on this engine has 8 spokes which conveniently allowed the use of two 167b large flanged rings to be used for the rim! The boss is made from two 8 hole Mecarep heavy duty (9/16"dia) boss parts. The spokes are four 19 hole strips sandwiched between the flanges and these are cladded with 16 6 hole narrow strips to give them a better appearance and add bulk. The governor drive pulley is a converted 2" pulley modified to suit the 5/16" dia. silver steel crank shaft, while the valve eccentric is a specially made block and slip ring type which gives 5/8" travel to a purpose made Aluminium wrist plate assembly mounted on the cylinder side plate from which all the valve gear is driven by connecting rods and linkages.


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